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Save a Filter

Filters are a way to quickly narrow down the User Management screen to display only the users you are looking for. They can be as general as finding out who has yet to pay their balance, to as specific as locating an individual user.

You will find after a bit of experimenting with your system that there are some filters you will use often. Luckily, instead of having to create these filters from scratch each time, you will be able to save specific filters and use it over again.

Quick Step by Step Guide:

  1. Setup the filter you’d like to save.
  2. Click “Save Filter” at the top of the filter conditions.
  3. Name your filter.
  4. That’s it! You can access saved filters under the “Saved filters” tab when you click the search bar.

To begin, make sure you are on the User Management page by selecting the “Users” button located on the left side of the page.

user mang

In order to save a filter, you first must create one. You can learn about how to create a filter by following the instructions found here.

After setting all of your filter conditions, you will be able to select “Save Filter” up in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

save a filter or search criteria in Regpack

This will open a menu where you can name the filter.

Create a Filter Name

After naming the filter, you can select “Save”. Now you will be able to access this saved filter by clicking on the search bar and selecting “Saved Filters”. You can run the filter by clicking on that specific filter.

Please note that Saved filters will save to this system for all admins with access to view and run. You cannot create saved statuses that are visible only to you.

Delete a Saved Filter

It is easy to delete a filter you’ve previously saved.

Simply run the filter via Saved filters, click the arrow at the right side of the filter details (shown below), and then click “Delete Saved Filter”.

The filter will still be enabled, so you can re-save it if you change your mind.

deleting a saved filter in your regpack system

Edit a Saved Filter 

You can edit a saved filter by first running the filter, and then changing the settings of that filter.

edit saved filter

In the case above, the saved filter is on a specific status. The status is now changed to “Application incomplete”. You have the option, as shown in the green box, to “update current filter”, “Save as a new filter” or “Delete saved filter”. If you’d like to overwrite the current filter, click “update current filter”. If you’d like to create a new filter with your new search, and keep your original one, click “save as new filter”.