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Change Form Order

Form management access will give you the ability to re-order your existing forms, re-name forms, trigger forms and create new forms to add fields into.

Please Note! Access to this feature will be limited to the Owners and Super Admins of an organization.

To re-order and organize the forms in your system, first you must access the Form Management module. To access your forms, go to the “Settings” tab and click “Forms”.

settings forms

Now that you are in the form management module, you will need to locate the form you would like to move.

A click and grab section will appear on the left side of the form entry for you to move up or down as needed, as noted in the image below with a green border.

Once you find the form you want to move or edit, hover over this area next to any form in order for it to appear and then simply click and drag to the location you’d like.

change form order

Changing the form order will relocate the form in the application flow for your users. Be sure to think carefully about the changes you make to the order of your forms before making the change.

More Form Edits 

If you have any questions about this during the build process, be sure to reach out to your Project Manager. If your system is live and you have completed training, but have a question about your form order, reach out to support@regpacks.com for assistance!

Note that you can change the form type as well as the order, including creating admin only forms, roadblocking a form, making a form mandatory, triggering a form, and more. Simply click “edit” when hovering over the form you want to edit and you will be presented with all of these options.

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