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Checkout Widget Settings

To access the settings on the checkout widget, simply enter the form the checkout widget is on, and click the widget. A side panel will open and display the widget options:

check out widget settings

Widget Settings: 

Allowed Payment Methods 

Here you can disable specific payment methods as options for users when checking out, including Credit Card or ACH

You can also set which payment method defaults on the widget: Credit Cards or ACH.

Saving Payment Method Options 

Toggles for saving user payment methods. Choose to auto save the payment method entered for the user for future payments (like autobill or one-time charges), show/hide the checkbox allowing for the payment method to be saved on file, and allow for manual payments.

Amount Settings 

For group or family systems, these settings give you control over how users can include or exclude payments on the checkout form for all users in the group.

Disable the ability to exclude any user when issuing a payment. If there are multiple users in the group with an open balance, the system will present those users and give the user, by default, the ability to exclude specific open balances. You can turn this setting on to force the user to pay for all open balances. Off is recommended as it allows for flexibility for the user when making a payment.

Disable the ability to exclude the current user when issuing a payment. The system by default will exclude all user payments other than the current user when reaching the checkout form. If you would like to force the end-user from removing the current user payment from the checkout, turn this setting on.

Allow users to change the amount presented. This shows a field that allows users to change the amount of the current payment. By default, the system will show the balance, say $1,000. Turning this setting on allows the user to change the $1,000 to any amount they choose. We do NOT recommend this as it can affect your revenue and cash flow.