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Create New, Edit or Delete a Form in an Individual System

Form management access will give you the ability to re-order your existing forms, re-name forms, trigger forms and create new forms for us to add fields into.

Please note! Access to this feature will be limited to the owners and super admins of an organization.

To create a new form, first you must access the Form Management module go to the “Settings” tab and click “Forms”.

settings forms

Now that you are in the form management module you will need to locate and click “Create New Form” located in the upper right corner below the form count display.

create new form

This will open the form settings interface. Apply the settings of your choice as described below and click “Create”.

create new form

Form Settings:

  • Form Name: This field is mandatory for form creation
  • Mandatory: Turning this on will make the form mandatory in order for registration to be considered complete.
  • Auto Lock: When all mandatory fields have been completed, the form will lock for users. Admin will still be able to access and edit the form at any time however users cannot edit the form again.
  • Roadblock: This is a registration roadblock. It will prevent your users from continuing through the process until all mandatory fields on that form are completed.
  • Admin Only Form: Checking this will make the form invisible to users. This type of form can be used to perform internal reporting on a specific user.
  • Anonymous: This setting is usually reserved for clients using Regpack to complete anonymous user surveys or information that does not need to be protected (e.g. Open events with no required payment or not needing to identify the user).
  • Form Type: NOTE – The form type will limit which type of registrant has access to the specific form. Child account forms will not be able to interact with Parent account forms and vice versa.

Copy Fields on a Form 

It’s easy to copy an existing field on a form. Select the field, and at the top, click “Copy Fields”

copy field on a form

Delete a Form 

To delete a form, hover over the form and click “Edit Form Properties”:

edit form properties

and then “Delete form” in red at the bottom:

delete form

Form Completion and Submission:

By clicking a form and editing the form properties you are allowed to toggle to a screen blocking spinner with a message on submission.

When enabled, the system allows you to enter a custom loading message. This will let you communicate with your applicants in a custom way to align with your messaging.

form spinner_form settings