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Adding a Date Field

Regpack allows you to use a variety of different fields on all of your forms.

When building out your forms, choosing the right field is important!

One option for a form field is the date field, which allows you to ask a question that requires a date as a response.

This field is great for arrival or departure date information, as well as gathering birth dates.

Below you will see the steps to adding a date field to your form!

First, navigate to your forms by going to Settings –> Forms.

settings forms

Next, hover over the form you’d like to add a date field to, and click “Edit Form Fields”.

edit form

Once in your desired form, click the “Date” field and either add it to the top or bottom, or simply drag it into place.

date field

Once the field is in your form, you can make alterations to the question text, whether it is mandatory, the presentation and format, description, whether it is an admin field, or even if it is filterable or not.

The date field is generally used for questions that require date specific entry (e.g. birthdays, availability dates, etc).

date field menu

You can change the field title by changing the “Label”. There are different font sizes and color choices available.

You can decide if the field should be mandatory or not by clicking “On” or “Off”.

You must choose a presentation method, either as three drop-down boxes or as a small calendar your users can select from. This is how your applicant will input their answer to your date related question.

If you want your applicants to select a birth date or something in the past, we recommend using the three drop-down presentation option. It will allow your applicants to select the year faster.

three drop-down option

If you want your applicant to select a date close to today’s date or within this year, we recommend using the calendar presentation option. It will display a tiny calendar, defaulted to this year.

calendar option


The next option is about the format in the presentation.

You can choose a “Month – Day – Year” format (great for United States applicants) or a “Day – Month – Year” format (great for international applicants).

Adding a description will add a sub-text underneath the field. It is generally used to give the applicant more information about what you are asking, which should make for a smoother registration experience for your applicants!

Making a field an Admin Only field, hides it from your applicants on the front end. It only becomes visible to your admins in the back end. Basically, it is an internal field that only your team will answer and use.

You also have the option to make this field filterable in your “Users” section.

When it’s marked “On,” you’ll be able to filter for this field on the back end. Most text fields do not need this ability, but it can be useful to track whose birthday is when. The recommended setting is “Off.”

date field menu

Remember to save all your choices, when you are done! Then test it to make sure it’s displaying the way you want it to.