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Adding an Email Field

Gathering email addresses during registration is essential to communicating with your applicants later. This help article will cover adding in a new email field to your form, so you can gather more than one email address (like an emergency contact).

When you want to add or edit your questions, first you need to be inside the correct form. Click “Settings” then click “Forms” as displayed below.

settings forms

Then select the form you would like to edit. Once inside the form, you will see a menu of different field inputs. Select “Email”. You can add the field to the top of your form or the bottom of your form, and then drag it into a better position.

forms email field

To edit the email field that is now in your form, click the email field. A new menu should appear with more options.

email field menu

The email field is used to gather email addresses you can later use for communication. (Pretty straight forward, isn’t it?). You can change the field title by changing the “Label”. There are different font size and color choices available.

You can also decide if the field should be mandatory or not by clicking “On” or “Off”. Other field options included are: adding a description, adding a place holder inside the field, adding the field as a filter option when you are in the “Users” section, and changing the field to a hidden admin-only field.

Adding a description will add a sub-text underneath the field. It is generally used to give the applicant more information about what you are asking, which hopefully means less calls for you!

Adding a place holder will display a text example to the applicant on the frontend. You could put “name@email.com” as a place holder for an email field to make it clearer to your applicants that you want an email address. (Or not. It’s up to you!)

Making a field an Admin Only field, hides it from your applicants on the frontend. It only becomes visible to your admins in the backend. Basically, it is an internal field that only your team will answer and use.

Making the field a filterable option is great, if you want to use that criteria to find a group of users. (Might not be so useful on an email field, but that’s up to you!)

Generally, you will want to change the text of the field, make it mandatory or optional, and save it.

email field menu options

Remember to save all your choices, when you are done! Then test it to make sure it’s displaying the way you want it to.