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Embedding Videos in a Form

Embedding videos in Regpack forms from YouTube, Vimeo and other embedded online videos is easy!

Videos can be a great addition to personalizing the registration process for your applicants.

  • Include a welcome video on your login / sign-up or dashboard.
  • Include more information about specific events or about your process on specific forms.
  • Share a “thanks for registering” video when the applicant completes the process.
  • Use marketing videos or highlight reel from past programs or events on your registration login page

The options for including video are really only limited by your imagination!

In order to add the video to a form in Regpack, you first need to get the proper code for the video.

Embed Code in YouTube

Go to the video in YouTube you want to show on your form.

At the bottom of the video, click “Share”.

Once you click share, a pop up will appear with your sharing options. Click “Embed”.

That will open the final pop-up, complete with the embed code you need to copy.

YouTube offers some extra settings, including having your video start at a specific time and a toggle for showing suggested videos at the end or not.

Embed Code in Vimeo

The process is the same in Vimeo, but I’ve included screenshots just to make it easy.

First, just click the “Share” icon on the right of the video you want to embed.

A pop-up will appear. You’ll want to copy the text under the “Embed” section at the bottom.

Make sure you copy the code, and then head over to Regpack!

Once you get to Regpack, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings –> Forms
  2. Choose the form you want to add your video to. Hover over that form and click, “Edit Fields”.
  3. At the top, click the “Add Field” button.
  4. Choose “Free text” under “Presentation”.
  5. At the bottom of the free text editor, you’ll see “Source”. Click it and paste the embed code into the box.
  6. Lastly, Click “Save Field” and that’s it!