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Form Management Overview

Form management access will give you the ability to re-order your existing forms, re-name forms, trigger forms and create new forms for us to add fields into.

This is the first step for you to have total control over your entire system. Access to this feature will be limited to the Owners and Super Admins of an organization.

To access the Form Management module go to the “Settings” tab and click “Forms”.

settings forms

The Form Management module is setup similar to that of User Management. The total form count is located in the top right corner.

The yellow “Tools” button allows you to change the settings of multiple forms and is located in the top left corner of the module. The forms are listed in sequential order in how they’re presented to your end users.

form tools

Under Form Management you can:

  • Create a new form category
  • Create a new form
  • Review how many forms you have
    • In a family system, you will see this count as number of parent forms and number of child forms, plus the total number of forms


Under “Tools”, you are able to perform the following actions:

  • Registration General Setting
  • Copy Forms
  • Order Categories
  • Create a New Category
  • Create a New Form
  • Add Trigger
  • Set a form as mandatory
  • Set form as admin form
  • Move a form to a category

Registration Settings 

registration settings

Here you can set many settings for your forms, including:

  • Allowing new applicants to register
  • Setting the project start page
  • Setting which form should appear after account registration
  • Which form should appear when a user logs in
  • In a family system, sub-unit settings include:
    • The first form to present when a sub account is created
    • The form to present when re-entering a sub account
    • Autocreate a sub account after a head unit account flow is complete
    • Flow through sub accounts automatically
    • Offer to create a new sub account at the end of each sub registration process
    • Set the values to show when asking to create a new sub-unit
  • Settings for capitalizing names
  • Checking emails against a DNS server
  • Password recover email links on your embedded pages
  • Setting where the submit button position appears.

Any and all changes must be saved by clicking the green “Save” button on the bottom right.

If you have any questions about this during the build process, be sure to reach out to your Project Manager. If your system is live and you have completed training, but have a question about your form options, reach out to support@regpacks.com for assistance!