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Multiple Registration Landing Pages with 1 Project

This function allows you to present separate and independent registration landing pages that all lead back to the same backend database in 1 Regpack project.

This is a great tool to use if you have many categories or product offerings, and would like to present them in an organized way on multiple pages of your website.

In order to set this up, each form must:

Once the form is set to anonymous, you can open “Edit Form Properties” to copy the embed code for that form.

On each form, you can include specific text in a free text field, and a product widget to show specific products.

An example of how you might use this feature: 

If you have different class types, you can create a form that will showcase products from each class category. 1 form to show Ceramics class options, 1 form to show Painting class options, and 1 form for Graphic Design classes.

On each form, the product widget can be customized to show only products related to the category.

Once a user lands on your anonymous form and makes a selection, they will be taken to the first triggered form in your system to complete the required forms and payment.

How to set a form to anonymous

Click “Create new form”.

In a group system, ensure the form type is “Parent”.

Toggle “Anonymous” setting to “On” under “Form Settings”.

Click the green “Create New Form” button at the bottom.


Once a form is created, you can always click “Edit Form Properties” to set the form as “Anonymous”.

Be sure to click the green “Update Form” at the bottom to save.

Embed Code to Set Form as Registration Start Point

In order to set a specific anonymous form as a registration start point on your website, you need to get the embed code specific for each form.

To do this, click “edit form properties” on the form you’d like to embed.

Scroll down to “Set Form as Registration Start Point” and click the setting to open the section.

Click the code in the box, and copy it. Then just paste it, as you would with your project level embed code, on the corresponding page on your website.

Adding a prodect widget to my anonymous form

It’s easy to add a product widget and select the products you’d like to show on your anonymous form.

Follow the steps in this article.

  1. Add a product widget to the form
  2. Add a title for the widget
  3. “Set Products” to show in the widget

That’s it!

Once you add the form specific embed code onto the page on your website, the form will show only the products and any other fields you include on that page.

Once a selection or action is done, the system will send the user to the first form in your system to complete the process of registering and paying.

Note: You can select a category (which will show ALL products in the category) or specific products. If you select only products in a category, any products added in the future to that category WILL NOT show, unless you’ve selected the Product category for the widget.

Anonymous Form on your Website

As you can see below, we’ve added this form’s embed code to our website,

The product widget is displayed and once a user makes a selection and clicks “go to next step”, they’ll be taken to the first triggered form in your project.

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