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Adding a Free Text Field

The Free Text field is a field that allows for the admin to add messaging or notes for their users on the form.

Normally, the free text field is used just for the inclusion of additional instructions, however, it is a very flexible field that can include pictures, links to documents and links to videos.

You can add a free text field to a form by first going to “Settings” > “Forms”, and selecting the form you’d like to add a Free Text Field to.

Then, select the “Free Text” option on the left hand side of the page. It is located under the “Presentation” header.

Add Fee text

You can select to add this field to the top of the form, the bottom of the form, or simply drag it wherever you would like.

Free text to top or bottom

You can move the field up and down the form by clicking and dragging the dotted tab on the far left.

Drag free text

You can change the text that will present by simply clicking on the text box and typing.

Text, free text

You can edit the format of the text by using the buttons presented on the bottom of the field.

These will operate similar to the options presented in the email system and the formatting tools located in the majority of word processors.

Free text, all buttons

You can include documents for download as well as links to other sites, pages, and email addresses by using the hyperlink button. (Any documents inserted as a link must first be hosted online. Contact us at support@regpacks.com if you’d like us to host your documents).

Free text, hyperlink buttons

Images can be added to free text fields, however they must be inserted using HTML, which can be viewed by clicking on the “Source” button.

Similar to hosted documents, images must be hosted online before they can be inserted (Contact us at support@regpacks.com if you would like to host an image for you).

Here you can also utilize any other HTML commands you are comfortable using.

Free text, source button

Tokens can also be added to the free text field through the menu on the far right of the page.

First, indicate which form you would like to choose a field from, then select the field to add it as a token.

Tokens allow user information filled out by applicants to automatically present onto the form.

Most often, this is used to include a user’s name in the free text field. (NOTE: All tokens entered into a text field must be on forms AFTER the information that’s represented by the tokens. Otherwise only a blank code will appear.)



Free text, tokens 2

When you are finished making edits to the field, you can select “Save Field” at the bottom right of the page.

Free text, save field