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Using Google Account to Create an Account and Login

Google single sign-on is enabled on both the front and back end of the Regpack login page.

Back End

Licensed Regpack admins can use their Regpack email and password or log in, or elect to sign on with their Google account.

Note: You will still be required to enter a security code when requested regardless of your sign-on method. This is an added layer of security to keep your account and your organization’s data safe.

google sign in back end

Simply click “Sign in with Google” and you will see a pop-up to login with the Google account that is associated with your Regpack account.

Front End

When creating a new account in your project, or logging in to their existing account, all front-end users can use the Google sign-in option if you enable this option.

This setting can be found in: Forms > System > Create Account > Edit Form Fields and clicking on the part of the widget that displays the “Email/Password”. Toggle the setting under the “Disable Google Login”.

google sign in forms

On the front end when creating an account, if the Google option is selected, the email will automatically port into the user record.

The sign-in process on the Login page will work the same as described for admins logging into the back end. Users just need to click “Sign in with Google” and once they log in through the Google pop-up, they will be able to access their account in your project.