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Using Google Account to Create an Account and Login

Google single sign-on (SSO) is enabled on both the front and back ends of the Regpack log-in page, allowing admins and users to use their Google accounts to sign-on to the system.



Visit —> click “Sign in with Google” —> log in with the Google account associated with your Regpack account.



This feature can be enabled or disabled on the front-end per project. To manage this setting for users on the front-end, go to Forms —> System —> hover over the Create Account form —> click “Edit Form Fields” —> click on the part of the Login/Register widget that displays the Email/Password field —> toggle the “Disable Google Login” setting ON/OFF.


Once enabled, users who want to use Google SSO to access their Regpack accounts in your projects can visit the front end of the system —> click “Sign in with Google” —> log in using the Google sign-in pop-up window.

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