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How to Create a Product Preview Form

Offering a catalog of your options before your potential customers become your real applicants is a great way to peak their interest and give them information about what you are offering.

You can display your products along with what is sold out or wait-listed before your applicants register fully.

To set up your system to display your product offerings FIRST, follow the steps below:

First you need to navigate to Settings and then Forms.

settings forms

Next you will want to make your first form anonymous — available for anyone to see before creating an account. To do that, hover over your first form and select “Edit Form Properties”.

form properties

Scroll to the end of the Form Settings menu and click “On” across from “Anonymous”. Remember, anonymous means that applicants can access & edit this form without registering / logging in. An account profile will be created once this form is completed.

make anonymous

Click “Update Form” and then select “Edit Form Fields” on your new anonymous form.

edit form fields

Once inside your form, use the left-side panel and select “Products and Services” under the “Payments and Orders” section.

Then add the “Products and Services” widget to the top / bottom or drag it into position in your form.


You can click the “Products and Services” widget to edit it. You can change the label that your applicants will see.

Note: that the form must be marked as anonymous before you add the “Products and Services” widget.

widget options


You are adding the ability to add products to an anonymous form. This means that when users submit the form they will be ordering the selected products.

A few things to notice when allowing this:

  1. Triggers will work as usual so if products are triggered on fields, make sure to add those fields to this form otherwise there could be a situation where no products are presented.
  2. Since every form submit is an order, make sure you take that into account with your quota settings. If quotas are very important it is recommended to not do this as you will need to manage abandoned carts.
  3. It is highly advised to have an email field at the top of the form and to make it mandatory. In addition, make the form “roadblocked”. This way you are sure to get the email address of the person interested in your services and the system will automatically create the user id based on that email.
  4. It is advised to trigger an email to send out to the users after the form is submitted that will include their credentials so they can access the system again if needed. Please contact Regpack support if you need help with this setup.

Be sure to go to our best practices when enabling orders before creating credentials article for more information.

And remember to always save your work and test your system thoroughly before opening registration.