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Long Answer Field


Regpack gives you the ability to ask a variety of different question types in your forms, so you can gather the information you need, in the format you need it.


One example of question type you can add to any form is the long answer field. This will allow you to gather a large amount of free text for questions requiring more than just a dropdown, multiple choice or short answer.


To add the long answer field to your form, navigate to your forms via Settings –> Forms.  Hover over the form you’d like to edit and click “Edit Fields”.  Once there, click the”Add Fields” button located at the top of the Form Builder Module then select “Long Answer” under Inputs:




The long answer field is generally used for questions that require longer responses (e.g. interview questions, explanations, etc). The field comes in two sizes (the default and the larger text box).


The setting to make the box larger can be found in change styling under the options menu. Change the title by click the title section (some html components can be used to alter the title)



Move the field up and down the form by using the click and drag tab on the left



Add a description to the field for extra directions (some html components can be used to alter the description)



Change the field status from mandatory to optional or back by clicking the asterisk. (Red = Mandatory)



Add additional settings to the field or delete it by clicking “Options”. (Change styling will give you different types of ways to display the field. Copy field duplicates an entire field. Hide field from users will hide the field on the front end of the system. All admin will still be able to view hidden fields)


long answer field


Clicking “Change” next to the Long Answer title will give you the option of switching this field into another type of Input field.


long answer field


Click “That’s it” once you’re done with edits to save


long answer field