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Adding a Multiple Choice Field

Regpack gives you the ability to ask a variety of different question types in your forms, so you can gather the information you need, in the format you need it.

Multiple choice fields are a great way to provide users with different options to a single question. They can be employed for a variety of different reasons, from t-shirt size to allergy/dietary restrictions to trip selections.

First, navigate to your forms by going to Settings –> Forms.

settings forms

Next, hover over the form you’d like to add a long answer field to, and click “Edit Form Fields.”

edit form

Once in your desired form, click the “Multiple Choice Field” and either add it to the top or bottom, or simply drag it into place.

multiple choice field

Once the field is in your form, you can make alterations to the question text, whether it is mandatory or not, what the options are and what the selection type is, the description, and if it is an admin field or not.

The multiple choice field is generally used for questions that require either multiple answers (check boxes) or one answer out of many (radio or drop down).

Select applicant type questions,  pick all that apply questions, or “how did you hear about us” questions are all good examples.

multiple choice options

You can change the field title by changing the “Label”. There are different font sizes and color choices available.

You can decide if the field should be mandatory or not by clicking “On” or “Off”.

You also decide what the values or options to select from are. You can even add more values.

You must also pick a selection type: radio, drop down, or checkbox.

Radio buttons are the default presentation type. We recommend this option if you have a few options that your user must select one from. However, if you have more than twenty options, it can get a little crowded (we would recommend the drop down list then).

multiple choice options

The drop down list option is great if you have more than twenty values for your users to pick from, such as a list of states or territories.

dropdown list

The checkbox option will allow your users to select more than one of your options, which is great for “pick from the following” questions (such as dietary restrictions or allergies).

checkbox list

Finally you are also able to add a description, which will appear as a sub-text underneath the field.

It is generally used to give the applicant more information about what you are asking, which should make for a smoother registration experience for your applicants!

You can also make the field an Admin Only field, which hides it from your applicants on the front end. It only becomes visible to your admins in the back end. Basically, it is an internal field that only your team will answer and use.

Remember to save all your choices, when you are done! Then test it to make sure it’s displaying the way you want it to.