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Product Widget in Presentation Mode | Create Product Catalog

Steps to enable presentation mode

  1. Create a new, anonymous form
  2. Add the product widget to the form
  3. Select which products you’d like displayed – either “all” or “selected”.
  4. Click the widget to access settings, and toggle “set to presentation mode” to on.
  5. Click save and you’re done.
  6. Be sure to follow the steps for an anonymous first form in order for users to land on this when your project is embedded or when you give the link to your system. Find those steps here.

add a catalog to your website with your product offerings

Regpack makes it easy to present some or all of your products on your website using an anonymous form and the product widget. This is great if you have several courses or sessions available that you’d like website visitors to view.

As shown above, simply create a form in your project, set it to “Anonymous” and “Roadblock” and then add the product widget. Click on the product widget to access the settings for the widget. From there, toggle “set to presentation mode” to “On” and select the products you wish to show in the widget.

Filter Products in the Widget

If you’d like, you can also turn on the filter for the widget, which will allow users to filter by category, location, instructor and a few other variables in order to narrow down the product selection they can view.

Learn how to set up your filter on the products widget here.

Disable Product Triggers

There is an additional setting that allows you to disable product triggers, so ALL products, including ones that are triggered, will show. This can cause issues when users go to actually register as they will view products they might not be able to eventually select due to triggers. We recommend you leave this setting off unless you need your system to function in this way and understand the implications.

Note that when the product widget is set to presentation mode, users cannot select and purchase products. Presentation mode is simply to showcase your offerings. If this form is the first in your system, users can move to the next step and begin the account creation or product selection process, and follow your system set up for registration and payment collection.

Front End Experience 

Below is an example of how the product widget will present in presentation mode. Note that you cannot select these products, it is just to present offerings.

You can elect to have the create account and login buttons appear at the top right, as shown below, which will allow users to create an account or login to their existing account.

presentation mode on the front end

At the bottom of the catalog, you have a button that defaults to “go to next step”. You can change this in the back end, as we’ve done below. This will take the user to the first form in your registration process.

We suggest you add an “Email” field to the top or bottom of your catalog or any anonymous form, to ensure you can capture interested parties and their information. This will automatically create a user in the back-once they go to the next form.

presentation mode on the front end - going to the next step to register and pay