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Short Answer Field

Regpack allows you to use a variety of different fields on all of your forms. When building out your forms, choosing the right field is important! One option is a short answer field, which allows you to ask a question that requires a small amount of free text as a response. It’s also great for discount codes. Below you will see the steps to adding a short answer field to your form!

First, navigate to your forms by going to Settings –> Forms.

settings forms

Next, hover over the form you’d like to add a short answer field to, and click “Edit Fields”.

edit fields

To add a short answer field, click “Short Answer” and decide if it should be added to the top of the form or the bottom of the form. Then you can drag it into place and edit it.

short answer field

The short answer field is generally used for questions that require quick responses (e.g. first name, last name, city, etc). You can change the field title by changing the “Label”. There are different font sizes and color choices available.

short answer field menu

You decide if the field should be mandatory or not by clicking “On” or “Off”. You can also decide if the short answer field should require a maximum character or word limit.

Adding a description will add a sub-text underneath the field. It is generally used to give the applicant more information about what you are asking, which hopefully means less calls for you!

Adding a place holder will display a text example to the applicant on the frontend.

Making a field an Admin Only field, hides it from your applicants on the frontend. It only becomes visible to your admins in the backend. Basically, it is an internal field that only your team will answer and use.

You also have the option to make this field filterable in your “Users” section. When it’s marked “Yes,” you’ll be able to filter for this field on the backend. Most text fields do not need this ability, but it can be useful to track who used which coupon codes. The recommended setting is “No.”

Remember to save all your choices, when you are done! Then test it to make sure it’s displaying the way you want it to.

Data Validation 

Our short answer fields also have an extra data check! This means that you can get a specific answer type if you are looking for a specific answer. With this feature, you can make sure the info added is in the right format and you will be allowed to better customize your data.

data checks

A great example would be phone numbers! If an applicant enters a phone number that is missing a digit, they will not be able to complete the field until the missing digit is added. This will help ensure the accuracy of your applicant’s contact information. Below are some additional Data


  • Password – Enter at least 6 digits, allowing for letters, numbers and special characters with the exception of spaces.
  • Email – Enter a valid email that uses the basic email structure of test@test.com.
  • Phone – Will check for properly formatted phone numbers, which can be used alongside the specific phone number field.
  • Phone with 10 digits – Force the user to enter a phone with 10 digits.
  • Number – Confirm the user enters only numbers and no other characters.
  • Latin Characters- Confirm the user is only entering Latin characters.
  • URL – Checks for a basic URL structure, such as www.test.com, or https://www.test.com/
  • Routing number – Confirms the structure of a US routing number and checks against the routing number database.