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Understanding the Widget Options


Although you are not able to see the widgets (here called utilities) when you try to add a field, any of these widgets may be added to your project. Note that many of them may already be configured in your system during the initial build.



Here are some details about each:


  • File Upload: You can have this placed in a form whenever you need your users to upload forms. We can accept many file types (Pdf, Doc, Png, Mp3, Avi, etc…) up to 10 Mb
  • Products: This is where your users are able to add products to their cart.Note that trigger conditions on products will control who is able to see a product.
  • Cart Widget: This is where your users can review the products which they have ordered, and edit the cart as necessary.
  • Checkout: This is where your users are able to pay for products which they have ordered. Upon request, we can…


  1. Add or remove payment options, or set an option as default. Payment types include Credit Card, E-check/ACH, and manual payments.
  2. Allow users to make a change to the payment amount (to allow for partial payments)
  3. Add a “send to” address for manual payments
  4. Enable American Express (this is not a default because they process at a higher rate – please inquire for details)


  • E-sign: Allows your users to make the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature (click here for more details)
  • Background Screening: We have integrated API withNCISafe, but other API integrationscan be discussed with development
  • Scheduled Payments: We have the ability to create payment schedules for your users.
  • Submit button: These should already be configured on any form, but we are able to edit the text on the submit button upon request.