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Understanding the Widget Options

Widgets are an integral part of the Regpack system.

They are an advanced type of field that is often an important part of your system’s function. Widgets allow items under the “Settings” tab in the back end of the system to be displayed to users on the front end for selection.

Widgets also assist in checkout, account creation, and e-signatures. Most often, there will be just one widget per form, and it will be the centerpiece of that form.

When editing a form, you can add widgets by selecting them from the menus on the left hand side of the screen.

Below there are details outlining the suggested uses for each of the widgets.


User File Upload:

The file upload widget allows user to upload a variety of documents into the system.

Often, this function is utilized by admins when they need a copy of a user’s health records,  photos, or agreements signed by multiple parties.

The system can accept many file types (Pdf, Doc, Png, Mp3, Avi, etc…) and sizes up to 10 Mb.

Learn more about viewing, adding files, and downloading files here.

Verified Volunteers Background Screen Add On:

The Regpack system is integrated with Verified Volunteers to run background checks if needed.

The majority of this set up can be coordinated through your Verified Volunteers representative.

We recommend that this widget only be added to forms that contain no other widgets.

Calendar and Scheduling:

The calendly widget allows you to present your Calendly calendar for users to select a time and date. To learn more about Calendly and set up a free account, please go to: https://calendly.com/

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. It is very useful if you need to people to schedule time to connect with you. It connects to your calendar or your team’s calendar.

Note: Calendly is a third party service. We have no control over the service and do not supply any type of support as it relates to your Calendly account. We’ve simply allowed for your Calendly link to show on a Regpack form. Simply enter the URL for your Calendly calendar and place the widget where you’d like it to appear on the form.

For any configuration questions and options, please reach out to Calendly directly.

Payment Widgets

widgets _ payments

Products & Services:

The products widget allows the items that have been set up on the products page to be displayed on the form where it is added.

It is often where the users make the selections in your system.

Note that trigger conditions on products will control who is able to see which products.

Read more about all the product widget settings here. 

Cart Widget:

The cart widget allows users to review the products that they have ordered.

They are also able to edit the cart here if necessary.

The cart widget is often added right before the checkout form, so the user has a chance to check everything they have selected, as well as preview any discounts they have received.


The checkout widget allows users to pay for the items they have selected.

This is most often the final step in the registration process.

After the widget has been added to a form, there are some items you can customize within the widget.

You can customize this by first clicking on the existing widget, then selecting an option on the right hand side of the screen.

Autobilling Options: 

The Autobilling Options widget allows the user to select from any payment plans that have been created under the “Autobilling” page, similar to how the Products & Services widget displays.


E-sign Authorization:

This can be found under “Fields” when adding a new field to a form.

The e-signature widget allows users to make the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature through a double verification agreement.

This agreement generates an internal string of the user’s IP address and exact time the agreement was signed.

You can report on this string if needed.