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Adding a Yes/No Field

The yes/no field allows you to create an “either/or” option in a radio format. Each option is customizable. Ask whether your registrant has allergies, would like to add another medication, etc.

Adding a Yes/No Field

  1. Head to Settings -> Forms.
  2. Hover over the form you wish to add a date field to and click “Edit Form Fields.”
  3. In the fields menu, click “Yes/No” and drag and drop it within the form where you would like it to appear. You can also click “Add Top” or “Add Bottom” to add it to the respective position within the form.
  4. Name your field and options and click “Save Field.”
  5. Click “Save Form.”

Field Options

  • Choose whether this field is mandatory to consider the form complete (ON = mandatory).
  • Add a field description to guide your users under Field Description.
  • If this field should only be seen by admins so users cannot fill it out, set “Field hidden from users” to ON.