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Add a Manual Payment

Follow the steps below to issue a manual payment to a customer that paid using our manual payment options: Check, Cash or Grant.

Add a manual payment to a user account via cash, check or grant.

Note! This is not the same process for accepting electronic payments. Electronic payments are issued when a user makes a payment through the system via credit card or ACH – eCheck. Upon approval of the electronic payment, a processing fee will be charged in order to process the transaction. The manual payment option is for users who pay for their registration in person or outside of the Regpack system. You are not charged a processing fee for issuing a manual payment.

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located under the Regpack logo:



Locate the specific user that you would like to apply the payment either by filtering for them or sorting your user list accordingly.

Next, click the user’s name to display their information on the right. Select the “Payments” tab to view the user’s payment listing. Then click the “Process Payment” button.

Alternatively, you can click the middle dollar amount to the right of their name, which will bring up the side panel and their Payments tab.

Click “List Manual Payment” button and this will open the payment entry module.

Select the tab of the manual payment you wish to issue and the associated information.

Once you are done entering a manual payment information, click the “List Manual Payment” button at the bottom. In the Check tab, this will be “List Manual Check”. In the Cash tab, this will be “List Cash Entry”. In the Grant tab, this will be “List Grant Entry”. In the manual refund tab, this will be “Issue Manual Refund”.

This transaction will reflect in the customer’s balance as well as on the “Payments” tab.

Lastly, this manual adjustment will NOT affect any payments made via credit card or ACH / E-Check.

  • Cash – Amount Only. Include remarks as needed for your records.
  • Check – Check number, date and bank name required along with amount.
  • Grant – Grant name/issuer, date given and approved as well as amount are required. Codes can be entered as well.

Note on entering a manual check:

You have the option of taking a paper check you’ve received from a customer and entering it electronically.

You can do this in the screen above, under the “Check” tab.

Entering the check electronically allows you to receive funds IMMEDIATELY and with no trip to the bank to deposit your check! You will also have the option to fully or partially refund the payment in the system should you need to at some point in the future.

If you would still like to record the check as a manual payment and deposit it at your bank, you will click “Enter Manual Check Information”. To process the check using the Regpack system, click “Process Check Electronically” and follow the steps to enter the correct check information.

Adding a discount via Products vs a Manual Payment

You will be prompted during the manual payment process to enter a discount for any Grants, Cash Payments, or Refunds you wish to apply to a user’s cart.

Use this option if you are only issuing this manual payment as a way to lower the user’s balance. You can add a discount that applies only to the user, or add a private product as a negative amount in order to achieve the same result.

This will work better for your accounting that manually lowering the user balance with a manual payment option.

If you have questions about the best course of action for your system, please email the Support team.

Can I cancel a manual payment?

Once you list a manual payment, you have 10 minutes to delete it.

After that, the manual payment cannot be removed from the user ledger and must be corrected the way any payment would be, via  refund. This is done for security and fraud prevention. Learn how to process a manual refund here.

remove manual payment entry