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Add a Manual Payment


To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo:



Locate the specific user that you would like to apply the payment. Click the payment drop down in their user entry to expose their payment listing.



Click “Issue Manual Payment” button and this will open the payment entry module



Enter payment type and the associated information



  • Cash – Amount Only. Include remarks as needed.
  • Check – Check number, date and bank name required along with amount.
  • Grant – Grant name/issuer, date given and approved as well as amount are required. Codes can be entered as well
  • Refund – Enter amount only. NOTE: Only enter positive numbers. The system will deduct the amount that is entered.


Click “Issue Manual Payment” button again.


This transaction will reflect in their balance as well as on the “Payments” tab.