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What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks are requested directly from your customer to their bank.

Chargebacks usually happen when a customer claims that the order was fraudulent or illegitimate, basically that they did not make the charge or that the charge is not correct. 

A chargeback is a consumer right that we all have and not something that can be stopped, only contested by the merchant (you) after the chargeback is recorded.

Regpack has put in place many processes to help avoid chargebacks, from sending an email receipt right away when the system sees a payment processed, to being able to control the soft descriptor (the name and phone number displayed on the receipt).

Admins are able to update the soft descriptor on their side by going to Settings > Project Settings > Select the Payments tab > Soft Descriptor > Update and Save.

In the case of a chargeback, your customer chose to contact their bank, instead of reaching out to you directly to claim the charge is fraudulent. Therefore the bank reverses the order while this charge is investigated.

It is not in the best interest of the applicant to do this, as many chargebacks on their end can cause their card to be shut down for high risk.

If you would like to contest a chargeback made on your merchant account, please let our payments team know so they can connect you with a chargeback analyst with your payment processor.

To reach the Payments team, simply email payments@regpacks.com.

Once the necessary proof is provided of the order being valid, you can contest the chargeback with your customer’s bank. Alternatively, you can contact your applicant and request they inform the bank of the order being valid in order for a reversal to happen. 

Based on your payment processor, we have provided the following links to give more information and instructions on the best steps to take regarding the chargeback:

WePay Chargeback Information

BlueSnap Chargeback Information

Chargeback FAQ

How many days do I have to dispute the chargeback?

Below you are the details on disputing a chargeback for Bluesnap and WePay.


You have 7 days from the chargeback date to submit a dispute. Please provide your dispute documentation to the chargeback team <chargeback@bluesnap.com> following the below guidelines:

Must be a single PDF no larger than 1.9 MB. Please put ALL documentation in a single PDF, including your summary. Anything not in the PDF will not be sent to the bank.

  • Total pages must not exceed 20
  • Original BlueSnap Order Reference number must be placed in the subject line of your email
  • One dispute per email
  • No hyperlinks
  • No sensitive personal identifiable information (such as pictures of photo IDs or credit cards)
    Items that should be sent in are order invoices, anything that the cardholder signed (if possible), proof that goods were delivered/services were rendered, any communication with the customer and any other proof that shows the cardholder authorized the transaction. If you have previous transactions that have not been disputed by this cardholder, please send that invoice in as well so that we can use it as compelling evidence.


You have 5 days from the chargeback date to submit a dispute. Please provide your dispute documentation to Wepay’s chargeback email notification. If you are unable to locate Wepay’s chargeback email, please send the documentation to the payments team at Regpack <payments@regpacks.com>.

What do you need to provide?

  • Signed contracts, agreements or terms of service
  • Correspondence with the payer (emails, texts)
  • Tracking numbers and/or delivery confirmation (sign into your carrier’s website to supply full URL address information)
  • Refund policy (a screenshot displaying the policy as located on your website try to include the browser URL if possible in the screenshot)
  • Itemized Receipt
  • Digital Services: Logins with the I.P. and access information
  • Any proof or document showing that the payer’s item was received, services were rendered, items were as described or the charge was authorized by the customer

What happens once I dispute a chargeback?

Once your information has been submitted please allow for up to 90 days for any decision regarding the disputed chargeback to be made. If the chargeback is reversed, you will see a credit in your account within that time frame. If the chargeback is not reversed there will be no credit issued to your account and no further action will be taken.

If you challenged this dispute through your dashboard and it is pending a review by Wepay’s Chargebacks team please note that typically these cases are reviewed within 7-10 business days after being challenged.

If sufficient documentation was provided, Wepay’s team will then challenge the dispute directly with the credit card issuer. Please note that the credit card issuer has 45 days from the date of when we challenged the chargeback to issue a response.

In the event that a reversal did occur, Wepay would recommend that the payer contacts them with a reversal statement. This could be a bank statement showing recharge or a letter from your card issuer. Wepay can be reached via the form here.

My applicant told me they called their bank and reversed the chargeback. Will a chargeback reversal show in Regpack? How will I know the reversal was successful?

In this case, please let us at payments@regpacks.com know when your applicant has reversed this chargeback, as we will confirm with BlueSnap’ or Wepay’s chargeback team that the chargeback has been reversed on their end as well.

Once the Chargebacks have been reversed and credited back to your merchant account, you will see this credit in your subsequent payout.

Additionally, the chargeback reversal will not log in Regpack, so once the chargeback is confirmed as reversed, a manual payment will need to be logged to bring the applicant’s balance up to date. Please follow the steps below to do so:

Step 1: Select the applicants payment history.
Step 2: Select “Process Payment”
Step 3: Select “List Manual Payment”
Step 4: Select Manual Refund
Step 5: Select “Issue Manual Payment” and confirm.

Do the processing fees also get returned?

Unfortunately, the processing fees are not refunded, as it is a commission earned to your payment processor.

Is there a fee to process a chargeback/refund?

Yes, your business is charged a chargeback fee each time a chargeback is issued. You can receive confirmation of the fee by sending a written request to <payments@regpacks.com>. Although a chargeback can be successfully disputed, the chargeback fee cannot be refunded.

How long after a payment is made can a shopper issue a chargeback?

Depending on the bank’s policy, a card holder has a right to dispute the charge up to 1 year after the purchase was made.

Merchants can file a chargeback dispute up to 7 days after the chargeback has been posted on the account.

For more information on disputes please see this link.

You can also contact Bluesnap’s chargeback team directly at chargeback@bluesnap.com

For more information on disputes please see this link.

How was this applicant able to issue a chargeback? Our policy clearly outlines a no refund policy, and they read the terms of service.

Chargebacks are requested directly from a shopper to their bank and are handled solely between the shopper and their bank. A chargeback is issued when a shopper contacts their bank and reports a fraudulent charge on their statement, or claims they did not receive services for their payment. The bank then takes the money back from BlueSnap or Wepay with no warning or notification, as it is a customer / consumer right to dispute what they believe or perceive to be fraudulent activity.

Unfortunately, chargebacks cannot be avoided, only disputed.We recommend contacting the applicant regarding this chargeback as well.

I received a notice there are too many chargebacks on my account. What can I do now?

If the chargeback level on your BlueSnap or Wepay merchant account has surpassed the acceptable thresholds established by MasterCard and Visa the payments team will reach out on behalf of BlueSnap or Wepay. As a reference, the industry-acceptable threshold for excessive chargeback ratio (# of chargebacks divided by # of sales) is 1% or higher. The payment processor will send you the breakdown in the following format:

The chargeback ratio for your account in the past month:

  • Number of sales
  • Number of chargebacks
  • Chargeback ratio

Our goal at Regpack is to help you correct this and get you back on track.

It is critical that you get an action plan underway directly with the payment processor. The steps below are a way for you to prevent chargebacks from occurring:

Assess your business and understand the root cause for the elevated chargeback levels. These can include unclear Terms and Conditions, unrecognizable soft descriptor, lack of refund policy, customer service accessibility or lack of clarity of the product. You know your business best, however; if we can help in analyzing please let us know.