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What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks are requested directly from your customer to their bank.

Chargebacks usually happen when a customer claims that the order was fraudulent or illegitimate, basically that they did not make the charge or that the charge is not correct. 

A chargeback is a consumer right that we all have and not something that can be stopped, only contested by the merchant (you) after the chargeback is recorded.

Regpack has put in place many processes to help avoid chargebacks, from sending an email receipt right away when the system sees a payment processed, to being able to control the soft descriptor (the name and phone number displayed on the receipt).

Admins are able to update the soft descriptor on their side by going to Settings > Project Settings > Select the Payments tab > Soft Descriptor > Update and Save.

In the case of a chargeback, your customer chose to contact their bank, instead of reaching out to you directly to claim the charge is fraudulent. Therefore the bank reverses the order while this charge is investigated.

It is not in the best interest of the applicant to do this, as many chargebacks on their end can cause their card to be shut down for high risk.

If you would like to contest a chargeback made on your merchant account, please let our payments team know so they can connect you with a chargeback analyst with your payment processor.

To reach the Payments team, simply email payments@regpacks.com.

Once the necessary proof is provided of the order being valid, you can contest the chargeback with your customer’s bank. Alternatively, you can contact your applicant and request they inform the bank of the order being valid in order for a reversal to happen. 

Based on your payment processor, we have provided the following links to give more information and instructions on the best steps to take regarding the chargeback:


You can contact BlueSnap’s Chargeback team to work on having this chargeback disputed at <chargeback@bluesnap.com>.

The following is a link that will provide a bit more information on disputing chargebacks https://support.bluesnap.com/docs/disputes.


If you wish to dispute the chargeback, please follow this link <https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us/articles/203609543-Chargebacks-FAQ> from Wepay to understand how to proceed further.