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Download a CSV of Payments


To begin, make sure you are in the Payments interface by selecting the “Payments” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo:



Locate the “CSV” button on the top right of the payment listings. Download the form in CSV format by clicking the CSV icon.



NOTE: CSV is compatible with Open Office and Google Apps. Chrome users may have issues downloading in CSV. Chrome has compatibility issues with CSV files. Try downloading with Safari or Firefox.


Special instructions for MS Excel users:


For those with with access to Google Apps:

  1. Upload CSV file to your Google Drive
  2. Once the file is uploaded go to the File tab and select “Download As”
  3. Choose the Excel compatible option for your version, either .xls or .xlsx
  4. Choose the download destination and download


For those without access to Google Apps:

    1. Open Excel and go to the File tab and click on Options.
    2. Go to Advanced and click the Web Options button. It should be under the General tab.
    3. Click Ok, restart Excel and open your file.