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Electronic Payments/Refunds VS. Manual Payments/Refunds


When payments are processed electronically, they are given a unique PID and transaction ID number through your payment processor.


When you click on the transaction’s unique PID number, clicking the refund button will send that specific payment’s unique ID numbers to your payment processor to issue and confirm.


Electronic payments can only be refunded by electronic refunds. Electronic payments are what is sent to your bank account and electronic refunds are what is sent to the users bank account, because it is being processed electronically through your payment processor.


Manual refunds/payments are simply just logs that RegPacks allows as a function for you to use, if someone were to pay you manually via check or cash.


For example, if an applicant were to pay you via check or cash in person for registration, you would log a manual payment to record their payment in Regpack.


If they then requested a refund, you would refund them manually in person via check or cash and log a manual refund to record the refund that you issued, simply for reporting purposes.