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Which users have an open balance?


This question pops up all the time, and it’s an important one! In order to ensure your programs are fully paid, you want to filter for users with an outstanding balance in order to view this data, send a reminder email or reconcile your accounting.

To do this is simple. In the “Users” tab, click “Filter”, then “Filter Options”, then the “Payments” section. Select the option “Needs to close balance” and add it to your filter. You can add additional filters, like a specific product or date if you’d like.

filter needs to close balance

Then just run the filter and you’ll see a list of applicant’s with a balance. From there you can run a user report on them or send them a message.

If you’d like to gain more insight into a specific applicant’s payment, you can select the center number on their User information, which will open a payment window.

check user payments

From there, you can see the applicant’s full payment history as well as any upcoming scheduled payments.

All unsuccessful payment attempts can be viewed in the “Error” tab. These are helpful so you can guide your applicants on making a successful payment.