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Which users have an open balance?

In order to ensure your programs are fully paid for, you will want to filter for users with an outstanding balance in order to view this data, send a reminder email if needed or reconcile your accounting.

To do this is simple. In the “Users” tab, go to the “Search” bar, from here select the “Payments” button, then the “Applicant’s Payment Status” section.

Select the option “Needs to close balance” and enter the Done button. You can add additional filters, like a specific product or date if you’d like. To learn more about how to filter for multiple conditions, read this article.

Go to the Search bar in User Management:

 Computer program

Select Payments > Applicant Payment Status


Select Needs to Close Balance:

 Product design

Doing this will give you a list of all applicants with an open balance on their account.

From there you can run a user report on them or send them a message by selecting the box at the top of the user list.

Once all users are selected, you can select the ‘Send Email Button’ to send this group an applicants an email. This is link gives more information no how to create an email as well.

If you’d like to gain more insight into a specific applicant’s payment, you can select the center number on their User information tab:

user management - payments

Clicking there will will open a payment window:

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From there, you can see the applicant’s full payment history as well as any upcoming scheduled payments.

All payment attempts will be displayed in chronological order, so you can see all payments made by the applicant, as well as any payment errors or refunds given. These are helpful so you can guide your applicants on making a successful payment if there are payment errors.

Additionally, seeing the users upcoming payments let’s you know that they are paying towards this balance, and will let you know when you can expect this balance to be closed.