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Filter Payments


To begin, make sure you are in the Payments interface by selecting the “Payments” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo.



Filters are a way to quickly narrow down the payments that you’re viewing based on a common data point. Need to find everyone who has paid with a credit card? Filters makes these tasks easy.


How to Create a New Filter


Start by clicking “Filter” in the top left of the screen



Click the type of information that you’d like to filter — for example, Payment Type. Choose the item to filter by and it will be added to the Filter Criteria section on the right.



Set the Filter Criteria Settings



  • When you filter on more than one data point, the default setting is All options are required. This option means that you’ll only see users who have all of the data points you’ve selected.
  • If you want to do a more general search, you can change this setting to Any option is sufficient. This option means that you’ll see users who have any of the data points you’ve selected.
  • Click the Apply Filter button


Edit a Filter

After you’ve run a filter, you can edit the settings by clicking the Filter button and then clicking the blue Edit button to the right of the filter under Recent Filters. If you don’t see the Recent Filters list, click on the Simple Mode tab.



Clear a Filter

To clear a filter and go back to seeing your entire user list, click the gray button to the left of the filter name or click the “x” next to the filter name.



Save a Filter

If you have a filter that you use often, you can save the filter into My Filters. Create and apply a filter using the instructions above. Then click the Save Filter button. A dialog box will appear with the following options.




  1. Category – You an optionally assign a category to keep your saved filters list organized.
  2. Filter name – Give your filter a name that’s easy to identify.
  3. Everyone can use means all of the admins in your project will see the filter. The Only for me option means that other admins in your project will not see this filter.


Edit the Name, Category, or Access for a Saved Filter

To edit the filter name, filter category, or control who can access a filter, first click on the filter to run it. Then click the Edit button. Make your changes and then click Update.



Delete a Saved Filter

First click on the filter to run it. Then click the Edit button. Choose the Delete saved filter option at lower left. Click Yes to confirm, and the saved filter will be deleted.