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How to Make Users Inactive

Follow the steps below to make users inactive.

Marking users as inactive does not completely delete their data, it simply excludes the user from your total active user count. You can view inactive users easily in Regpack by viewing all, all active, all inactive depending on the setting you choose.

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located under the Regpack logo:


Click the checkbox next to the name of the user or users you want to mark as inactive. You can select them in bulk using the checkbox above the user names.


Click “set status as” next to any user’s name.

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You can use a system status you’ve already created or create a new one. If you are creating a new status, click “create a new status”.


Create your status name, and click the color you would like for the status to display in. Next, change the option to “yes” for “User INACTIVE when in this status”, then click “create”.


A pop up message will appear stating, “This will make the user Inactive. Are you sure?” Click “yes” to confirm.

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An additional pop up message will appear stating that you have selected multiple users. Click the option to set the status for all users.

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In some cases, you will be prompted to enter a password to confirm the change in status. If you are asked for your password, simply enter your Regpack login password and continue.