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How to Issue a Refund for a Manual Payment

Follow the steps below to issue a refund to a customer for a manual payment they made.

  1. Click on the user you’d like to issue a manual refund for
  2. Click the “Payments tab”
  3. Click “Process Payments
  4. Click “List Manual Payment”
  5. Click “Enter manual refund amount”
  6. Enter amount and click “Issue manual refund”.

Note! This is not the same process to issue a refund electronically through a credit card or ACH payment made through the system. If you need to do that, read this article.

steps to issue a manual refund in regpack

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located under the Regpack logo:


Locate the specific user that you would like to apply the payment either by filtering for them or sorting your user list accordingly.

Next, click on the user’s name to display their information on the right. Select the “Payments” tab to view the user’s payment listing. Then, click “Process Payment” button.

Alternatively, you can click the middle dollar amount to the right of their name, which will bring up the side panel and their Payments tab.


Click “List Manual Payment” button and this will open the payment entry module.


Select the “Manual Refund” tab, then click “Enter Manual Refund Amount” button.  Enter the amount you wish to refund in the “Amount” box.

NOTE: Only enter positive numbers! The system will deduct the amount that is entered automatically from the user’s balance.

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When finished entering the amount, click the green “Issue Manual Payment” button at the bottom right to record the manual refund.

Note: this will NOT refund the user electronically.  You are only recording this in the system to update their balance in the system. The amount you enter will be taken off the total payments of the user and will be registered in your records as a manual refund.

You must refund the customer manually via cash, check or another method in person.

Lastly, this manual adjustment will NOT affect any payments made via credit card or ACH / E-Check.