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Payment Allocations: Set a product to be paid off first

By default, anytime a payment is made in Regpack, it will distribute evenly amongst all of the products in the user cart. This means if you have 4 things in the cart, it will allocate 25% of the payment to each product.

There might be times where you would like a specific product, let’s say a big ticket item, to be paid off FIRST before payments begin to allocate or “pay off” the other products in the cart.

Regpack allows you to control which products get paid off first.

In the example below, Emma has 2 summer sessions in her cart. Because summer Intensive 1 has a priority allocation, the $50 payment from April 3rd was allocated 100% to this product, and her 2nd product, the Intensive 2, has not been paid off at all.

payment allocation example cart

In order to set up Summer Intensive 1 with a priority allocation, you will want to head over to the Products Module and open the general product settings. Click “Tools” in the top right of the Products Module and click “General Product Settings” to open this dialogue.

general product settings _ cart allocation

Without making any changes to the default settings, Regpack will apply payments to products in the cart at the time of the payment, and in a top down fashion (top down according to the order the products are in the Products Module).

However, you can choose to allocate payments from top to bottom REGARDLESS of the time of payment. This means that if an item is added after a payment, other items might be marked as unpaid due to the order of products. We recommend this to be off by default as it can cause confusion.

If you do want one item to be paid for first before any other, you will want to toggle that first setting, “Allocate payments from top to bottom…” to “On”. This will always take the earliest payment made and apply it to the item at the top of your products list, the item you want paid off first.

You can also select who can view payment allocation information, including allowing the user to view it (we recommend this to be set to off as well), but to show payment allocation to admins (recommend this to be on).

Another option to prioritize a specific product to be paid off first is found in editing a specific product’s settings:

force funds to be allocated to this product first

You will see here that for Summer Intensive 1 – under the settings section “Fund allocation settings”, we have toggled this to “On”. This means that payments made will pay off this product BEFORE other products.

As a note, if you have more than one product with this setting on, the system will allocate funds according to their purchase time and their order in the product list. We advise against this unless you have spoken with our support team, as changing this setting can cause product locking issues and changes to the paid status of a product.

Product Allocation + Autobill

You can also control allocations through our Autobill plans as well.

You can select under “Plan Settings” whether or not the plan applies to your entire order or specific products.

autobill plan application

For example, if there is a regular $100 installment per month, you can ensure the plan will apply that payment to the specific products you would like paid first and leave out any products that are a lower priority.

If you want to ensure that those lower priority items still get paid for, you can create a plan for those products with a single payment option. Set the plan to be paid on the date the plan is selected with the deposit at 100%, that way it will be paid in full on the date of order.

You can have users on more than one autobill plan at a time. The charge dates will happen according to the individual plans the user is on, so you can ensure you are paid for the correct products by the correct dates.

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