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Payment Receipts & Invoices to Applicants

Once a payment is processed, the user will automatically receive a system generated payment receipt email from Regpack. The receipt will be sent from the owner super admin’s email address, to the user’s email address that is entered in the checkout form. To change the email address the receipt is sent from, head to Project Settings and “Payments” to update the email that receipts send from.

admin payment receipt email

The payment receipt email will only be sent to the user. If you would like to be notified each time a user makes a payment, you can trigger the receipt email to be sent to your email address as well.

Additionally, you can create an email template in your Regpack system that is triggered to send to you and/or other admins in your system every time a payment is made. The template can include any tokens you’d like including name of the applicant, products ordered, their email address, and more. Learn how to create a new email template and how to trigger emails.

Using the same steps to create and send a payment notification email to you and/or admins in your organization, you can also create your own payment confirmation invoice to be sent via email. However, creating your own invoice email will cause for your users to receive two separate receipts, as the system generated receipt cannot be disabled.

Through your payments interface, you can filter for specific payment inquiries that will allow for you to know the status of each user’s payment activity. Such filters include:

  • the ability to search for users who have a balance due
  • paid something
  • paid nothing but ordered products
  • needs to be refunded
  • users who have paid in full
  • payment amount
  • Name of payee
  • email of payee
  • last 4 digits of payment method