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How Payment Processing Works in Regpack

Online payment processing allows you to streamline your registration process and keep all of your data within Regpack. Users register and pay through Regpack, and the payment is automatically shown on the user’s account in Regpack.

There is a 24hr delay between the user paying and being charged. During this time, an admin can cancel the payment without incurring the processing fee, or capture the payment to push it through before the 24hrs is up. More on canceling and capturing payments

The user’s funds go into your merchant account. The payment processing fees are removed, and the rest of your funds are transferred to your bank account. The frequency of the deposits to the bank account is determined on the merchant account setup form.

In Regpack you have the ability to charge users, issue refunds, and see a full history of all payment attempts.

Users can be billed automatically on a schedule you set up

Admins can also filter or report on payments made through Regpack.