Processing an Electronic Payment through the Regpack Admin System

In many cases, payments will happen when a user is checking out or when an automatic payment in an existing autobill plan is processed.

However there are cases where you want to manually process an electronic payment through the Regpack system.

Follow the instructions below to process a payment for one of your applicants in the backend.

Note: Be sure to obtain your applicant’s permission before processing a payment for them!

Process a Payment with a NEW Card or Payment Method

Head over to the user panel and under the “Payments tab” click “process payment” at the bottom.

Complete the payment information and click “Issue Payment” when done.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option to save the payment information. If left unchecked, the payment method will NOT save, so be sure to ensure this is selected in order to the save the card/account on file.

When you’re finished and confirmed the payment information is correct, simply click the “Issue Payment” button to process a payment.

Process a Payment with an existing card or payment method 

If a user has a saved card on file and gives you permission to charge part or all of their balance, simply click “Process Payment” in the payments tab, and select the payment method they’ve indicated.

Then adjust the amount due, if necessary, and click the green “issue payment” button.

You’ll still have the option to add a new payment method if needed.


A payment confirmation email will go out to the applicant when a payment is processed, and you can also create a customized payment invoice email with tokens and other information if you would like. Read more about this process here.

NOTE: Both part time and full time admins can process payments for applicants, and the name of the admin who processes the payment will be tied to the transaction for easy record keeping.

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