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Refund Electronic Payments

Only electronic (ACH/credit card payments) made through your system using your Regpack payment processor, can be refunded in our system, and only within 60 days of the initial charge. This is the ONLY way to refund electronic payments. Manual Refunds will not trigger a credit card refund.

If you need to refund an electronic payment after the 60 day window, please email payments@regpacks.com for assistance!

To issue an electronic refund, navigate to the user panel and click the 3 dots next to the payment you want to refund under the “Payments” tab. Click “Issue refund” and follow the steps shown below:

how to issue an electronic refund

Step by Step instructions:

To begin, make sure you are in the Users interface by selecting the “Users” tab located under the Regpack logo

Find the user you would like to process a refund for and click on their payments number (the middle of the three numbers).

Clicking on the payment id (PID) enables you to see additional information about the payment.Once here, select the four dots on right of the payment you are wanting to refund. For payments that are eligible for a refund you will see a red Issue Refund button.


In the “Amount” box, enter the amount you would like to refund (either full or partial refunds are allowed) and click the issue refund button. Also feel free to enter any remarks in the “Comment” box at this time.

The system will prompt you for an approval to make sure you really want to refund this amount. Once you approve, the system will do the action and the payee will receive the funds directly to the credit card or bank account that they used for the transaction.

Once confirmed, you will see this refund noted in their account.

If you are unable to process the refund, or have any other questions, please send an email to payments@regpacks.com.

Logging a Manual Refund 

If you would like to refund a payment outside of Regpack, you can log the refund in the user’s profile to keep your accounting up to date.

Follow the instructions here to “Issue a Manual Payment” .

Navigate to the user you would like to log a refund for, and click “Process Payment”:

Then click “List Manual Payment”

You’ll navigate to the “Manual Refund” tab here:

You can either click “Refund Payment” next to the transaction you’d like to refund, or click “Enter Manual Refund Amount” to log a different refund amount.

Be sure to click “Issue Manual Refund” to log the manual refund.