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How to Save CC/ACH Payment Options

One convenient payment tool in Regpack is the ability to save a payment method on file for easy charging.

When an applicant enrolls in an autobill plan, this is done automatically. However, it’s also an option for you to save a payment method on file for one time charging abilities.

In order to save a payment method, you’ll need to use the payment method to issue a payment. From there, you can save the card for future payment processing.

Please Note: You must obtain your applicant’s permission before saving their payment information in your system.

Follow the below instructions to save a payment option for one of your applicants.

First, locate the user that you’d like to add a saved payment method to.

Once you see them listed in the User Management list, click on their status bar, highlighted in the green box below:

Next, select their checkout form under the “Forms” tab.

​Another option would be to click the “Payments” tab, and then select “Process Payment”, found at the bottom right of the screen, as shown below:

manually process a payment in regpack

The next screen will allow you to select either credit card or ACH payment option. Select the appropriate method, and then enter in the payment information in the fields in the prompt.

process online credit card or ACH payment with Regpack

Now scroll to the bottom of the page and you can select the option to save the payment information. If left unchecked, the payment method will NOT save, so be sure to ensure this is selected in order to the save the card/account on file.


When you’re finished and confirmed the payment information is correct, simply click the “Issue Payment” button to process a payment.

A payment confirmation email will go out to the applicant when a payment is processed, and you can also create a customized payment invoice email with tokens and other information if you would like. Read more about this process here.

NOTE: Both part time and full time admins can save information and process payments for applicants, and the name of the admin who processes the payment will be tied to the transaction.