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Testing Payments in Your System

When testing your system and creating a test user before accepting registrations and payments, it’s important to test all the way through – including making a payment. This will allow you to experience the process as your applicants do, receive the same emails they will receive and ensure this part of the process is working smoothly.

There are 2 ways to test payments:

  1. In development mode
  2. When registration is set to “open for registration”

When testing payments in development mode, you are only testing the process and flow. Your merchant account is not processing the test payment, it is processing in a testing server. We recommend testing this flow before you go live to ensure things like triggered emails and messaging is working correctly and is setup according to your requirements.

We also HIGHLY recommend you test payments once your system is turned “on”, and doing so before releasing your link to registrants. This will test your actual merchant account and ensure that it is processing the payment successfully before you begin processing payments with your users.

A note for Wepay users: Wepay does not permit test payments to a user’s own account with their own credit card and/or on the card holder’s behalf. Unfortunately, this can be interpreted as using Wepay’s system to provide yourself with a cash advance which is against their Terms of Service. http://www.wepay.com/legal

Follow the same steps to process a test payment below for either scenario.

Testing Payment Flow in Development Mode

When your system is set to “Development Mode” (a setting you’ll find in Project Settings under “General”), any payment made in the system will process to a TEST server. Any admin will be able to interact with these test payments as if they are an authentic payment. We tag all test payments on the back end with a “sandbox” designation.

development mode

Testing Your Merchant Account is Set Up

To make a test payment and ensure your merchant account is working, you’ll need to set your system to “Open for Registration”, which is found in system status, as shown above, in Project Settings. Toggle “System Status” to “Open for registration and login”, shown below:

open for registration

What should I put for account numbers and credit card numbers?

To perform a test payment you can use an actual credit card and it will not reflect on your card, but we recommend using the test credit card numbers listed below.

Each of these cards will return an approved payment:

AMEX: 3742 45455 400126
Discover: 6011 5564 4857 8945
Visa: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Mastercard: 5454 5454 5454 5454
Visa Debit: 4462 0300 0000 0000
Diners: 3670 0102 000 000

If you’d like to test an additional card or test “pay with a different card”, here are some more test payment options:

AMEX: 3434 343 434 3434
Visa: 4444 3333 2222 1111
Mastercard: 5555 5555 5555 4444
Discover: 6011 0004 0000 0000
Visa Debit: 4400 0000 0000 0008
Diners: 3614 8900 647 913

You must include a valid zip code, any expiration date (any date going 7 years in the future), and any 3 digits for the CVV code for Discover, Visa, and Mastercard (4 digit CVV code for AMEX) for each of your attempted payments.

To test a valid ACH payment:
Enter any 4-17 digit number except 123456789
Enter 121042882 as the routing number

To test a decline ACH payment
Enter 123456789 as the account number
Enter 121042882 as the routing number

You must include a valid zip code for each of your attempted payments.

What is the best way to test payments in my system?

To test payments in your system, we recommend a few starting tips:

  1. Use an email address you have access to. This allows you to receive ALL payment related communication, so you have a good understanding of what your applicants will receive.
  2. We recommend you save a payment method on file, so you can make an additional payment using the saved method, to view how this process works.
  3. If you have autobill plans in your system, ensure you enroll in one to view the messaging, and payment plan schedule for each plan selected to ensure it’s set up how you’d like. Using a real email address, you will see how the autobill token and payment receipts look as well.

Here are a few resources to help set up and customize the payment process in your system:

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