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How to Move Payments Between Users

Electronic payments made for a specific user cannot be directly transferred within Regpack to another user, since the original electronic payment has a transaction ID tied to that user.

It is possible to reallocate paid for funds to another user in your system. By using the manual payment function, you can adjust the balance of both users in order to balance their accounts with the updated payment allocation.

First, head to the user who has the payment you wish to move. Process a manual refund for the amount you wish to move. Follow the steps to create a manual refund here.

steps to issue a manual refund in regpack

Next, go to the user who you wish to move the payment to. Add a manual payment in the same amount as the manual refund you just made. Follow the steps to create a manual payment here.

Add a manual payment to a user account via cash, check or grant.

Manual payments are normally used to show payments within the system that happened outside of the system like cash or paper checks received. In this case, we’ll use them to move the funds between accounts so the money shows where it’s supposed to, and isn’t refunded to the user.

You’ll want to use both of these manual options to avoid actually processing an electronic refund to the user, which would require you to then re-collect payment for the same amount on the new user.