Transferring payments to another user

Before transferring a payment to another user, it is important that both users are aware of the transfer, and have provided their approval.

Generally, the transfer of payments would occur within the same group or family registration, as all users would belong to the same group or family.

To transfer a payment, you must manually adjust each user’s payment history by adding manual payments and refunds.

Note! Manual refunds/payments are simply just logs that RegPacks allows as a function for you to use if someone were to pay you manually via check or cash, if you wish to add a grant to a user or to correct payments that were made to the wrong user.

How to Transfer Payments to Another User

In the example outlined in the video, we look at 2 unique users, not part of a group or family. In cases where a payment was processed to the wrong user OR if a payment from the head unit of a family or group is attributed to the wrong sub-unit, you will follow the same steps as shown.

First, enter a manual refund for the user with the payment. Go to their user panel, to the Payments tab, and then click “process payment” at the bottom. Then click the “manual refund tab” and enter the amount you want to “refund”, which will adjust their balance accordingly.

Once that is done, you can then go to the user who needs to have the payment amount applied to their account. Go to “Payments” and “Process Payment”. Then go to “Cash Payment”, where you can enter the amount you are transferring over. This will update the balance for this user to reflect the payment transfer.

If you prefer to avoid this manual work, your only other option would be to completely refund the initial payment, and then process a new payment for the correct user.

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