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User Balance Colors: What do they mean?


This article will explain why your user’s balance appears in either red and black and what those colors mean.


Nex to a user’s progress bar in User management, you can see three different numbers.


Selecting the first number will display the products that the user ordered to create their cart history.


Selecting the second number will display the total amount paid by the user.


The third number is the user’s total and current balance.


When your user’s balance is in the color black, it means the user has an outstanding balance and payment is due.


For example, a user’s school principal ordered a product for $100. Because a user has not made a payment, they have a balance of $100 that is due. In the video, you’ll see this example illustrated and you’ll note that the $100 in the third column is in black.


When a user’s balance is in red, it means that the user’s total dollar amount has exceeded the total dollar amount ordered by the user. The red balance is a credit that will be allocated to any of the user’s upcoming charges.


For example, a school counselor has ordered a product for $100. The user made a payment of $200. Because the user overpaid, they now have a $100 credit, shown in red, that will allocate to the next charge.