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User Payments and Payment Color Explanation

Next to a user’s progress bar in User management, you will see three different numbers.

Watch the video below and/or read the explanation below to understand what all 3 numbers mean.

The numbers displayed to the right of the user’s name in the Users module will give you a full picture of what the applicant has ordered, if they have paid or made attempts towards paying, and what is remaining to be paid.

Selecting the first number on the left will display the products that the user ordered to create their cart history. The user panel will open to the “Cart” tab to view all products ordered, as shown below.

If this order is Green, this means that the product is paid for in full. If the product is Grey, the product is still outstanding.

In the image below, you can see that the product labeled ‘Test’ is green and paid for with the date of payment displayed. However, the product labeled ‘Tuition’ is Grey and therefore is not paid for in full.


Selecting the second number will display the total amount paid by the user. This will include all payments made as well as any errors and refunds connected to this user’s payments.

This gives you a full picture of all attempts the user made to pay, as it will be displayed in chronological order. The left column shows the payment designation of each transaction.

The third number, on the right, is the user’s total and current outstanding balance.

Note that you can also click the “Autobill” tab and view any automatic payment plans the user is enrolled in and view upcoming payment dates for that user.

You can also filter by users who have an outstanding balance to send payment reminder emails.