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How to View Unpaid Registrations

If you would like to view users who have not yet made a payment or have an outstanding balance, there are a few ways to filter for this, depending on what you want to see.

Head to Users and click the search bar. Click “Payments”. Here you can filter by a few payment related statuses:

You can find all users who need to close their balance, paid something, or have paid nothing (but have a product in their cart).

You can also filter by products, to view all users who have a specific product in their cart, and then add the payment status filter, to view all users with a specific product + needs to close balance / or paid nothing / or paid something.

Additionally, you can always run a Sales report on all or selected products, to view total balances by users. Here is an article on how to do that.

Once you’ve filtered for unpaid users, you can run a report or send a reminder email for them to log in and pay.

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