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Add Quota to Products

To add quota to products, start on the Product Management page. Navigate to the Settings pop-out menu, and select Products to get to the Product Management page.

Hover over the product that you want to add a quota to. Click the Edit button to the right of the product name.

product edit

There will be a pop-up menu to the right of the page that will allow you to make changes to your product. Scroll to the bottom and click the Quota Settings drop-down.

quota settings

You will see the Quota Settings options after clicking on this.

product quota settings

  • Item in user’s cart

Would you like your registrants to take up a spot in your quota right after they have selected this product? If so, type your quota number in the box to the right of this text.

Note: When using this quota, registrants will not be required to pay anything before taking up a spot.


You’ll also see an option here to Allow Waitlist on specific product types.

Checking this box allows registrants to select this product even if the quota has been met, but it will add them to a waitlist. You can determine later if you’d like to allow waitlisted users to add this product.

waitlist setting for product

Check out the various other features the Products module contains in order to further customize your registration experience to fit your unique requirements and make a great experience for your registrants.

You can add a description, create admin-only products, add a waitlist and availability/expiration dates, and determine what should happen with this product with our extensive Trigger functionality (conditional logic).