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Assigning Products to Admins

Assigning an Admin or Admins to a specific product is incredibly useful for organizing and tracking information. It allows you to assign responsibility of a session (class, camp, event, trip) to a specific Admin.

You can assign Super Admins, Assistant Admins, or View Only Admins to specific products and keep track of how many session each are attached to in Admin Management.

In order to assign Admins or set instructors, navigate to the Products section.

Hover over the desired product you would like to assign to a specific Admin and click edit.

edit product

Under Settings there is an “Assign Admins / Set Instructors” section.

Click the “Edit Assign Admins / Instructors” in order to assign or unassign Admins.

assign admin

A pop up window will appear with the list of Admins who have access to this specific project in your organization.

If you do not see the Admin you wish to assign to this product, then they do not currently have access to this project. You will need to go to Settings > Admin Management and either invite them into the system or edit their existing profile and add this project to their list.

When editing their profile, you can also limit their access to this specific project, in case you want to restrict which users they should interact with.

In the pop up window search for the Admin you wish to assign, click “Assign”, and then save your selection in the bottom right by clicking “Assign Admins / Set Instructors”.


Back in the Settings of the product you are editing, you will see the listed Admin or Admins, who are now assigned to this product.

Remember to click “Update Product” when you are done.


Back on the Product Management page, you will see an icon of the assigned Admin(s) for that product represented with their initials.

If there is more than one, then a “+number” will appear, showing how many additional admins are assigned to that particular product.

assigned product