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Bulk Add Dates to Products

There is a very simple way to bulk add dates to the products in your system.

Navigate to Settings –> Products and then select the products you’d like to bulk add dates to.

It’s an option to select ALL products to make it easy, as the tool will only show products eligible for adding dates. If some products are merchandise or do not require in-person or virtual attendance, then we recommend selecting products manually.

Once the products you’d like to add dates to are selected, click “Tools” at the top right, and under “Bulk Actions”, click “Add Dates to Products”.

The tool will allow you to add the same date to all products selected, or add different dates to each individual product.

To add dates to each individual product,  click “Set Individual Activity Dates”.

Once completed, click “Update All Products” at the bottom, and your products will be updated with the dates you input.

This is a great tool to save you time when adding dates to products, helping to avoid opening and editing each individual product to add dates.


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