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Change Order of Product Category

You control the order of your product categories on your Product Management page. The order of your categories will also be visible to your users when they are registering through the front-end. This is a great opportunity to avoid confusion for your users as they look through your options.

To change the order of your product categories, first make sure you are on the Product Management page. To get there, navigate to the Settings left-side menu, and then select Products to get to the Product Management page.

 Product design

Towards the top right of your page, you should see an orange button, titled Tools – click it to enter the Product Tools menu.

product tools

Once the drop-down menu appears, select Order Categories from the list. It should be the second option under Configuration.

order categories

The list of categories will appear to the right. Simply drag and drop the grey dotted “buttons” to the left of your category titles into the appropriate order.

order product categories

Remember to click Update when you are done!

update order

As always make sure your adjustments were saved – take a look at your Products Management page now and make sure those product categories are in your desired order!

Check out the various other features the Product Management page contains in order to further customize your registration experience to fit your unique requirements and make a great experience for your users.  There are many other features available in the Tools menu that you can look into as well.

You can edit your products and configure your product settings further to customize what happens to your quotas (only show them at a certain amount, hide products when they’re sold out, or push registrants to another product when they are waitlisted).

You can add a description, create admin-only products, add availability/expiration dates, and determine what should happen with a product based on our extensive Trigger functionality (conditional logic).

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