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How to Set up Common Discounts in Your Project

Regpack allows for a variety of discount setups in your system that allow you to automate the discount process and ensure your users get the discounts they are intending to receive.

Below are a few examples of common discounts and how best to set them up in Regpack. To set up a discount, follow the steps here.

To begin setting up any discount type, head to Products, create new product, and select discount:

Create a discount product in Regpack.

How to set up a sibling discount

To set up a sibling discount, you’ll want to trigger the discount you create (either a $ amount of %) for any children added after the first.

To set up the trigger, create the discount and then click “Trigger”. You’ll likely want to select “Add product to user’s cart and hide from others” so it isn’t an option that can be selected, and will add to the cart automatically when the trigger conditions are met.

how to add a sibling discount _ trigger

Next, you’ll decide the trigger condition.

The best way to do this is to add on the children after the first, so to do this you’ll click “Set Trigger Conditions”, click “Registration” and for “Sub unit / child number is from:” enter 2 to 100 (or however many max you’d like the discount applied to.

sibling discount on 2nd child

Click “that’s it, I’m finished” and the discount will be applied to any child after the first.

You can decide whether you want the discount to be a % off the total cart, or only on specific products. If you’d like it on the total cart, then in the discount settings, make sure “entire cart” is selected. If you’d like the discount only to apply to specific products, then make that selection and select the products the discount applies to, as shown below:

sibling discount settings

How to setup an early bird discount

Setting up an early bird discount follows the same logic.

When creating a new discount, you can set the amount ($ or %) and whether it applies to the entire cart or a specific product or products.

For an early bird, we recommend also adding an available and/or expiration date of the discount to further automate the process, as it will allow the discount to apply only during the dates you set.

You can do that when creating the new discount, under “Availability / Expiration Date”

early bird discount expiration date

Triggering Early Bird Discount

You have two options when it comes to trigger an early bird discount.

You can either trigger it automatically when certain conditions are met (like a specific product is added to the cart, until the expiration date, or to everyone when they create an account).

Discount Code

You can also have a trigger apply when a discount code is entered. To set up a trigger based on a code entered into a field on a form, simply:

  1. Select “Add product to user’s cart and hide from others” (as shown in the previous section)
  2. Click “Set Trigger Conditions”
  3. Click “Fields”
  4. Find the field where users will enter the code, and type in the code”
  5. Click the green + and save

discount code trigger

When that code is entered, that discount will trigger automatically and be added to the user’s cart.

** Be sure to turn the setting “on” in forms for that field to allow the field to be filterable in the back end, under “Add field to filter options on the backend”. This will ensure the discount code field is available to select during the trigger setup.

To do that, click on the field on the form, and turn that setting from off to on, as shown below:

field setting for triggers