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Create and Manage Sessions

To create a new session you’ll need to create or edit a product. To get to Products, navigate to the “Settings” side menu. Select “Products” to get to the Product Management page.

 Product design

Edit a Session:

Navigate to the product that you want to edit. Hover over it and click the Edit Sessions button. Alternatively you can create a new product, and details on how to create a new session follow.

edit sessions

Next hover over the session you would like to edit and click Edit Session.

edit session

Create a new session:

Select the “Offering that has Sessions (Courses, Events, Camps etc…)” product type, add a name and price, then click the “create and setup sessions” button to create your first session.

Another side panel (configuration section) will pop up, asking you for the start and end dates of your first session and what the full price should be.

You can also set other options, but you must enter a start / end date and full price.

create session


You can add a timeframe for the days you’re offering in the session. Each day can have a different time associated with it.

time of session

Next you can decide if your users can select part of your session or must select all of your session offering.

  • Use this option if you allow users to select just part of the session (you can set the minimum number of days to select and the surcharge when a partial session is selected). If you only offer full enrollment leave this option off.
    Enabling this option might lower your income. “Off” is the recommended setting.
  • When you are allowing users to select specific days of the session a calendar with the sessions dates will appear. The system can auto-select all days and the users will remove the days they do not want or the system can not select any days and users will need to select the days they want. “On” is the recommended settings as it will grow your income.

partial selection

  • When creating sessions the system auto calculates the price per day. Adding a surcharge will change the cost per day accordingly. Note that users will not directly see the price per day but only the overall price of their selection.
  • Minimum / Maximum number of days user may select

more partial selection

Click “Create Session” to finalize your choices. Then you can click “Edit Session” to jump back in and alter more, like navigating to the Settings section of the session, which has all the usual product option already covered.

session settings

Make sure to click the “Update Product” button to save your changes.

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