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Edit or Delete a Product Category

To edit or delete a product category, first make sure you are on the Product Management page. Navigate to the Settings drop-down menu. Select Products to get to the Product Management page.

Hover over the category you wish to edit. Click the Edit Category button to display the product module.

edit product category

The product module will appear. This pop-up menu provides you with many options to edit your category.

new category

Here, you can edit or delete your category. To delete your category, click the red Delete in the bottom left corner of the module.

delete category

There are a few settings that you can change in this menu as well. More on these below:

A few notes on the settings in the category menu:

Checking this box will make it so that your registrants can only pick ONE product in this category. This option is useful when selecting from camps, classes, or events that occur at the same time, for example.

Mandatory category: Checking this box will ensure that registrants are required to select something from this category before their application is marked as complete. If all of products in the category are triggered, and a user meets none of the trigger conditions that would be required to select one of the products, they will still be able to continue with registration; the category would just not display for them.

category settings

Category Quota Settings: This limits the amount of products registrants can order in the category as a whole as opposed to limiting individual products. This can be useful, for example, when registrants are attending as different attendee types but your venue has an overall seat limit.

Top/Bottom Remarks: Opening up these menus will bring up a text editor that will allow you to add text to the top and bottom sections of a category. The text you add to these will be visible to your registrants wherever you place the Product Widget.