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Edit or Delete a Product

When you want to change what you are offering — the capacity limit, the dollar amount, a related date, or something else — you can manage those changes in the Products Module.

There are a lot of nuances to be aware of before you edit or delete your products, especially if your system is already live. Please consult our Support Team if you are unclear of the consequences of your choices if your project is currently accepting registrations.

To edit or delete a product, navigate to the Settings side menu. Select Products to get to the Product Management page.


Navigate to the product that you want to delete. Hover over it and click the Edit button.

edit products

You will see a box pop up that will allow you to edit or delete your product.

To delete, click the “Delete” button on the bottom left of the editor form. You’ll be asked to confirm you’d like to delete the product.

product settings

To delete your product, click the red Delete button in the bottom left corner of the edit pop-up.




Navigate to the product that you want to edit. Hover over it and click the Edit button.

edit product

There are five different product types: “Offering with Sessions”, “One-Time Events / All Day Activities / Services,” and “Discount”, “Recurring / Donations / Memberships / Subscriptions”, and “Merchandise”

A little more information on product settings: 

  • Offering with Sessions
    • Here you can select the dates, days, and times of the service. If you like you can create multiple options. This works great for creating reoccurring sessions that occur in a set period of time. Based on your selections that system will automatically create sub-products that will allow check-in, reporting, and additional options per day.
    • You can read more about Dates and Sessions here.
  • Recurring / Donations / Memberships / Subscriptions
    • Offerings that require recurring billing, memberships, donations, and seat-based billing. Recurring products will be added automatically to the user’s cart at the intervals you set. The system will also auto-charge them on those dates.
    • Static product options like one-time events or activities or services. Dates are mandatory for this product type, but there are no options to choose dates within a range (like the Offering with Sessions). Time conflict is off by default. Prorating is also not possible, unlike with sessions.
    • Select this product type for anything that does not have dates connected to it. This is great for reoccurring products like memberships, physical products like books, t-shirts or online offerings. Use this also for zero-priced products.
  • Reduces the price of the entire cart or the price of specific products. Can be a fixed value or a percentage.

create new product

The product properties and settings differ among the different product types.