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General Product Settings: Cart Timer

When toggled “ON” the cart timer allows you to set an amount of time for a user to make a payment for the products in their cart.

You can find this setting when in the products module, by clicking “Tools” at the top right, and then on the left, clicking “General Product Settings”, shown below.

You can set the number of minutes that will display to users, once enabled. You can only enter whole numbers greater than 1.

The cart timer works on both the front and back ends.

From the back end, the countdown begins as soon as the form is saved/product added to cart, and on the front-end as soon as the user goes to the next step.

The countdown can only be viewed when looking at the users forms.

Action to perform when time passes and payment has not been issued:

Recommended: Abandoned cart– Keep in cart yet disregard when calculating quota. This means that when you filter for this specific product in the cart, the user will not display as someone who has ordered the product. This will display as a label on the Product Order list as such. For example: User A – Product A (Abandoned cart).

Move items to waitlist: The system will move the item to the waitlist where you can then enable it within their cart. Waitlist must be enabled at the product level, if not then the system will leave the item in the user cart.

Remove items from cart: The system will remove the items from the user cart if they are not marked as paid within the timer settings.

When to stop the timer?

Any payment made by the user (recommended)– In family systems this means the child needs to make a payment for the timer to stop on their selected cart items that apply to the cart timer.

Some amount is allocated to the product– User needs to issue a portion of the cost of the specified products to stop the timer. This should be selected if you are using Autobill and the entire balance would not be paid with the first payment.

Products/service paid in full- Timer only stops when the products specified for the timer are fully paid for.

Cart timer applies to:

You are able to select, similar to choosing how discounts apply to specific products/autobill, or have the cart timer apply to the entire order.

Important Note about the timer:

Cart timer does not pause in the checkout screen until the payment is being processed.

Partial discounts do not pause the timer, only full amounts or 100% discounts do.

How quotas work with cart timer

When someone selects a product, until the timer is over they will keep holding a spot for that product’s quota.  During that time, another user CANNOT order the product if the quota is met.

If the user does not pay according to your settings, in the time given by the timer, that spot will be released and can be ordered by someone else.

Updated Filter options for new product types in cart

You can filter to find users that have products that have been abandoned as well as waitlisted. When searching, simply click “Products/Services” and either Cart Status or Product Type, and select:

Cart has Abandoned items

Cart has Waitlisted items


Cart includes Abandoned items

Cart includes waitlisted items

Filtering by users who have abandoned their cart is a great marketing opportunity! Reach out to interested buyers who never completed their purchase!

How the Timer Looks for Users on the Front End:

Once a product is added to the cart, the timer will appear at the top, in red. The timer bar will countdown and will show until the payment conditions you select, are met.

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