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How to Run Sales Reports for Your Products

If you are looking to view and download a report on who ordered each product and the financial information per product, you’ll want to run a Sales Report.

Quick How-To:

Step 1: Head to products and select the product or products you want to run a report on. 

Step 2: Click the “Sales Report” Button on the top right. 

Step 3: Select the fields you want included in the report. 

Step 4: Optional: Select a user report to merge with your sales report. 

Step 5: Download the report. 

This is very easy to do in Regpack, and you have a lot of customizations you can make to the report to get the exact information you need.

Step by Step Instructions:

Hover over settings, click Products, and then select the products you’d like to run a report on.

Next, click the Sales Report button, as shown below” and choose the fields you’d like included in the Sales Report.

Then just download the report, and you’ve got it!

Sales Report Fields

There are MANY data points you can include in your Sales Report, including limiting the date in the report, which you can find at the top. This allows you to see the sales and income for the dates selected. If you do not select dates, the report will show you an all time list of sales regardless of date. The date range applies to the users that ordered the product, the total orders, total order value, and total collected.

The report by default includes:

The report also defaults some user information fields as well, which you can add or remove from the report. You can also merge the sales report with a more specific user report.

The user information fields you can include in your Sales report include:

We have also added additional product info that you can include in a sales report, which include additional and misc fields that you’ve input into the product itself.

This can be a lot of noise in your report, so we’ve defaulted them to not be included, but they are there for you to add if you need it!

Those include:

Here is another great resource, which gives an overview of all common reports, including sales reports, that you can run in Regpack.

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