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Lock Products

In this article, you will learn about how to lock products in the product management menu. Locking products will prevent users from being able to remove products from their cart.

The locking products functionality is essential to ensuring that users receive the proper items in their cart, and that they are able to make edits to some products, but not others. Learn about how to lock products below.

To begin changing the locking settings on your product(s), navigate to the Settings drop-down menu. Select Products to get to the Product Management page.

Next, you will want to navigate to the product that you would like to edit. As with all products, be sure to hover over the product to begin the editing process.  Finally, click the Edit button on the product you would like to update.

edit products

Next, the product selection menu will appear on the right hand side of the product management screen. You will  want to hover over the men, and scroll down the page to find the “Product Locking Settings” header. If the menu is collapsed, click the grey arrow button on the right hand side of the screen to have the menu open.

There are two different ways to go about locking your products. Both can be turned on and off by toggling the buttons on the right hand side.

product locking settings

Product Locking Settings: Lock for changes once paid

Selecting this button will ensure that your registrants cannot change what they’ve selected after the product has been paid for. This options will be selected by default in all systems.

Product Locking Settings: Lock once added to cart

Selecting this button will ensure that once this product has been added to a cart, it cannot be removed by the user. This is especially useful for registration fees or other items that you will need users to pay for.