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Managing Check-in and Check-Out

Regpack allows you to check in and check out users from sessions in a few ways.

1. You can check in or check out an individual user in their cart.

2. You can bulk check in or check out users from the Tools menu

3. You can check in or check out individually or in bulk from the Products Module.


In the video below, you can see the various way to access the check-in and check-out tool.

The easiest way is to click “Tools” and “Check in / Check Out”. The panel that opens filters and presents ONLY sessions that are eligible for check in and check out.

regpack check in tool

Simply select the session you want to check-in or check-out and a list of all users who have ordered the product will display.

how to check in and checkout users

What information is recorded for check-in and check-out

The check-in tool will record the admin who recorded the check-in/out, the date, time, and device they used.

You can check-in a user for any session that has already begun or happened. Meaning if if it is June 15th, you can check-in any sessions from June 15th and before. Future dates are not eligible for check-in or check-out.

If you check-out a user, without checking them in, the check-in will automatically record at the beginning of the session.

Individual Check-In

From the user’s panel, head over to their cart and locate the session you’d like to check them in for.

Check in a user

You can also view all users who ordered a session, and then access an individual user’s cart directly from the orders panel:

access user panel from orders panel

Bulk Check-In

You can check users in and out in Bulk to save time.

You can do this by going to Tools and “Check in Check out” and then selecting the session you’d like to manage.

You can also find the orders panel through the products module:

access orders from products module

As you can see, if there are multiple dates that users are eligible to check-in for, they will all show here. No dates in the future will show.

You can click “Mark All” to check in for all dates, and then click “Update” at the bottom. This will check ALL users in for ALL dates selected. Follow the same process for Check-Out.

bulk check in tool